I was born in Tenerife, Spain. I left the island and I have lived and worked in Barcelona, New York, London, Paris, Madrid, and Milan since then. All this experience along forty years of career has defined my work, which is cosmopolitan and daring. I disregard fashions and trends and try to be faithful to my own style.

I feel confident about what I want to capture with my camera. If you have a look at this website, you’ll realize that creative freedom is paramount for me: in fashion, the idea behind the photo is what leads the viewer to appreciate the clothes; in portrait my goal is to reveal the model’s hidden character and personality. And, in general, this creativity and style underlie the rest of my work: still life, landscape, or any other subject that catches my attention.

One of my main assets as a photographer is the ability to find light in impossible places and make this light look real and authentic. If I have the choice, I prefer to work with natural light.

For many years my work was identified with analogical black and white and I must confess that I’m a passionate of monochrome. At the same time, I was in search for “my own colour” and finally I managed to find it a few years ago. For this reason, most of my colour work is recent, except for some slides from my New York period in the 1980s, which I cannot renounce to.

Finally, as a declaration of principles, I’d say that the secret of a good photograph is simple: to be able to see and capture the moment.




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